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Hoppe’s Boresnake CLP 5.56mm Rifle Kit .22/.223 Cal

Boresnake w/ CLP Cleaning Kit .22/.223 Rifle Clam


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Hoppe’s Boresnake CLP Kit has everything you need to clean a barrel at the range or in the field. Available in 9mm pistol .22/.223 caliber rifle and 12GA shotgun this grab-and-go kit includes a two ounce bottle of Hoppe’s Boresnake CLP and the designated caliber of the Original Boresnake conveniently packaged in a reusable canister. Also included is a Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone wipe to ensure you’re able to wipe any fouling or debris from the gun cleaning session off of your hands.

  • Includes a two ounce bottle of Hoppe’s Boresnake CLP
  • Includes one Original Boresnake in designated caliber
  • One Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone Wipe
  • Reusable canister
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