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Caldwell EMax Pro Series Electronic Ear Muffs 30dB BT Tan Two Way Communication

CALDWELL E-Max Comms Ear Muffs 2-way Comm


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E-Max Pro Series 30 dB BT Tan Electronic Earmuffs by Caldwell. The E-Max BT Links combine Caldwell’s unmatched hearing protection with Bluetooth communication ability via ambidextrous boom microphone. Communicate with multiple users on the range listen to music and protect your hearing all at once with the Links. The Links are compatible with all Bluetooth hearing protection including E-MAX PRO BT Links Power Cords E-MAX PRO BTs and E-MAX Shadows.


  • Connects via bluetooth
  • Allows communication between multiple users
  • Ambidextrous boom microphone
  • Works with other bluetooth hearing protection via comm link