Birchwood Casey Darkotic Splattering Target – 12″ X 18″ – 8/Pack



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Are you tired of shooting the same old bull’s-eye or sight-in target? Try something fun new and different on your next trip to the range with Birchwood Casey’s Darkotic™ Targets. Prepare for the invasion of the living dead and make everyone at the range envious of your cool targets!


The Darkotic™ 12″ × 18″ Splattering targets come in 8 unique and different full color images. Each hit leaves a ‘halo’ around the bullet hole for quick and easy shot placement identification. Weather you are making an infamous “brain shot” to quickly eradicate the “undead invasion” or just having fun plinking these targets will add to your range day experience.

The Darkotic™ 23″ × 35″ Paper targets are perfect for utilizing the full size images of the 8 available patterns. Weather you are preparing for your conceal carry permit or just having fun at the range these targets provide a realistic twist with a ‘coolness’ factor! And when you are done having fun take your target home and use it as a poster. The paper these color images are printed on is a bright white and of high quality!

Weight 0.6313 lbs
Dimensions 18.15 × 12.2 × 0.8 in